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Discover Why VACUFLO® is the Right System for Your Home

For over 40 years, VACUFLO of Ohio has prided ourselves on serving the community we're a part of and providing nothing less than complete customer satisfaction.  We proudly offer VACUFLO® central vacuums.

There are many unique benefits to owning a VACUFLO central vacuum: 

  • Quality Products and a Trusted Name in the Industry Since 1955 
  • Up to 5-times More Powerful Than Portable Vacuums
  • 100% of Vacuumed Dirt, Dust & Allergens Are Removed From Your Living Area
  • Convenient Whole-House Cleaning with One Simple System
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality Allowing Allergy Sufferer's Symptoms to Improve by up to 61%
    -University of California Davis School of Medicine
  • Adds Resale Value to Your Home
  • and More!



Vacuuming should be convenient, easy and even a little fun! With the Chameleon® Retractable Hose System, it can be all three!